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New Concert Tension Lever Harp from Dusty Strings

April 29, 2014
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Pedal-style lever harp with black neck and body and light-colored soundboard

Meet the Boulevard Classic 34, the newest member of the Dusty Strings harp family! Designed with current and future pedal harpists in mind, the Boulevard is a rather different beastie from its medium-tension, nylon-strung siblings. Heretofore, we have been known for our distinctively bright, clear and resonant sound, but concert-tension gut strings give the Boulevard a warmer, less bright tone with a shorter sustain than you’re used to hearing from a Dusty. It’s an ideal instrument for playing classical repertoire with pedal harp technique. It could also be just right for certain lever harpists who feel that the Dusty sound is too bright and rings too long.

Want to play in an orchestra but can’t afford a pedal harp yet?

The string spacing and feel are similar to most “concert” harps, making it an appropriate instrument for pedal harp students. The warmth of the gut strings extends up to the high C, with five nylon strings at the top. The bottom octave is strung in wire with slightly lower than pedal harp tension, making it a little easier on young hands.

Very young student?

The stave-back design allows short arms to reach around the body more comfortably. The stand is removable, and there are different lengths of interchangeable legs available, so you can start with the harp on the floor, then add 5” or 8” legs in a few years.

Already play in an orchestra but need something smaller to take out and about?

The Boulevard will probably feel very familiar to you and you’ll be able to jump right into playing without much adjustment. As long as you can handle the lever changes, the harp can handle any repertoire you throw at it.

Looking for a full-size but portable therapy harp?

At 24 pounds (including the stand), the Boulevard beats your pedal harp for portability any day. Not to mention the fact that it comes with a deluxe padded and zippered case, featuring multiple handy pockets and a comfortable shoulder strap. You can even add backpack straps for occasional sprinting sessions from one end of the building to the other.

Need it to fit in your four-door sedan?

You just twist a knob to remove the stand, pack the harp and stand in the case, and lay it in the back seat. The harp in the case is 50” long.

On a budget?

The unique time-saving construction of the Boulevard (which is based on our popular Ravenna 34) allows us to keep the cost down and include a number of features that aren’t normally found in this price range. The high-quality case is included, as well as the removable stand. The body has a comfortable stave-back design and all the hardware is the same high-quality stuff we use on our top-of-the-line harps.

Want to try one out?

We’ll have a Boulevard to try at the American Harp Society Conference in June, the Somerset Folk Harp Festival in July and the Southeastern Harp Weekend in October. We also expect to start filling orders in early June, so check with your local store or give us a call if you’re not sure where to go.

More details on our website!

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