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2014 Southeastern Harp Weekend

August 25, 2014
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The 2014 Southeastern Harp Weekend is taking place October 24th - 26th at the beautiful Lutheridge retreat center in Asheville, NC. There are tons of workshops on everything from technique to improvisation to harp care, plus two fantastic concert lineups on Friday and Saturday nights. What could be more inspiring than a harp gathering in the woods surrounded by North Carolina fall colors?

Crowded harp workshop at the Southestern Harp Weekend

The main festival spans Saturday and Sunday, but we highly recommend coming on Friday if you can. Friday participants will have a chance to experience a preview of each presenter's teaching style, which can help you decide which workshops to take.  You'll also have the chance to attend a "harp tasting," in which the audience faces backwards while a line of harps is played one by one. You can take notes, and the makers and models are revealed at the end. It is one of the best ways we know of to find out which harps speak to you on the basis of sound alone. If you're shopping for a harp, attending the tasting first can help give you some focus before you walk into a vendor hall full of harps. And Friday participants have early access to the booths...

Harps lined up for the blind harp tasting event

If you can't attend the conference, but are interested in browsing the harp-related goodies in the vendor hall, you can pick up a free shopping-only pass for Saturday or Sunday and hang out with us to your heart's content! We will be there with a bunch of our harps and accessories, including our harp pickup, our nifty combination tuning key and electronic tuner, and a new anti-aging kit for wooden musical instruments!

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