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New Chromatic Dulcimer Models: First the D670, now the D570

May 5, 2016
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D570 chromatic hammered dulcimer with extended bass range on the right and left

The 3½ octave chromatic D570 is our second new model this year! It is joining a family of chromatic dulcimers that have long been loved for their incredibly warm and vibrant bass and clear, articulate tone.

In spite of the popularity of the previous models, many players have longed to be able to play the low bass range on the right-hand side of the instrument. We kept saying no because all our previous attempts to put that bridge on the right had resulted in a loss of tone quality that we couldn't live with. But now, with Sam Rizzetta's design acumen, we've figured out a way to implement that feature without compromising the sound. Having the super bass bridge on both the right and left provides the best of both worlds - tone and versatility.

The D670, at 4½ octaves, was the first dulcimer with this feature, and it now has quite a few proud owners who feel they have found their ultimate dulcimer. Why? It's got:

  • Sparkly treble and warm, clear, responsive bass
  • Dual-density bridge system for even sound throughout the range
  • Strong projection, with clarity and articulation at any volume
  • Careful engineering for optimal string clearance and cross-over points
  • Dampers that are quick, responsive and capable of nuance

The new D570 shares all of these features, and if your dream dulcimer is somewhat less hefty than the D670, then this one is for you! It has all the same design and performance criteria in a smaller, lighter, more portable 3½ octave size. This makes it a versatile combination of range, portability, playability, flexibility and sound.

In short, the D670 and D570 deliver a range of important and practical features with a sound that takes your breath away. The only thing you'll want more of is hours in the day to play!

For more on the background and design considerations involved in this project, read our blog post about the D670 development.

For details, specs, and photos of the new models, go straight to the D570 or D670.

And if you're thinking about attending any festivals this summer, you could play one of these fine instruments in person! Talk to Sam Rizzetta at Dulcimore or Kentucky Music Week, or find Tim Seaman's booth at Evart.

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