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Dulci-Tune: The Newest Tool for Dulcimer Players

December 10, 2014
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Meet our newest musician's tool, the electronic tuner designed specifically for dulcimer players!

The Dulci-Tune is the first electronic tuner designed specifically for hammered dulcimer

Compact, simple and elegant, it sits on any tuning pin and is ready when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. The flexible shaft and 360-degree rotating display allow for easy viewing, and it will accurately pick up the entire range of the instrument from one position. The colored LCD display is easy to read in the dark and features a visual metronome as well, making this an ideal tool for performers needing to quickly check their tuning or tempo in between pieces.

If you’re used to carefully balancing a tuner on your dulcimer so it doesn’t buzz or slide onto the floor, tuning with the Dulci-Tune will seem like a dream! If you have discovered the joys of compact, clip-on tuners, you’ll appreciate the Dulci-Tune’s durable reinforced connections and precision-machined metal parts, and the convenience of leaving it attached while you play.

Tuning your hammered dulcimer is easy with the dulci-tune mounted on a tuning pin

The Dulci-Tune works on any instrument with zither pins, including hammered dulcimers, psalteries, harpsichords, autoharps, kanteles and zithers.

Click here for more details and online ordering.

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