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Harps Going to the Somerset Folk Harp Festival

July 15, 2014
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The Somerset Folk Harp Festival is coming right up, and you won't have a better opportunity to try lots of different harps in one location! If you're curious to know what Dusty harps we'll be bringing, read on.

We'll have one Ravenna 26 with full levers and two Ravenna 34s, one with full levers and one with C, F and B levers. We'll have our new Boulevard Classic 34, which is similar to the Ravenna 34, but has higher-tension gut strings that give it a slightly warmer tone with significantly less sustain than the typical Dusty sound. We'll also have an Allegro 26 and two Crescendo 34s.

From the FH line, we'll be bringing an FH26 in bubinga, an FH26 double-strung in figured cherry, an FH34 in walnut, an FH34 in figured cherry with Camac levers, gut strings and pickup, an FH36H in walnut, an FH36S in figured cherry with Camac levers, gut strings and a pickup, an FH36S in bubinga with Camac levers, Celtic knot inlay and a pickup, and an orphan FH36S. (If you're not sure what we mean by "orphan harp", check out this blog post about the first orphan harp we built, and also take a look at the photos below.)

FH26 in bubinga and FH26 Double-strung in cherry

FH26 in bubinga and FH26 double-strung in cherry

FH36S in cherry and FH36H in walnut

FH36S in figured cherry and in walnut

FH36S orphan harp with inlaid celtic knot

FH36S "Orphan"

FH36S orphan harp from the back showing cherry, bubinga and walnut woods
Dusty Strings FH36S orphan harp


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