Dusty Pedal Harp Pickup Video Demonstration

Posted by Dusty - 2015-02-20 18:20:00

Many thanks to Katie Buckley, principal harpist in the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, for sharing this video with us! The video demonstrates the sound of the newly-installed P30 Dusty Pedal Harp Pickup in her Lyon & Healy 85CG, which she plays in her harp and percussion duo, Duo Harpverk, and also uses for recordings and pop performances. This is the next best thing to trying the pickup in person!

First, you'll hear the sound of the pickup alone, then the acoustic sound of the harp recorded with a microphone, and finally a blend of the two. The blended method gives you an idea of what it might be like to hear a harpist playing live with a bit of a volume boost from the pickup. It's also a technique that's often used when recording harp music.

If you could use some background information on pickups and things, check out this article on harp amplification. It's the first in a short series that covers some of the basics.

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