Dusty Strings lever harp neck made of curly maple


Welcome to the world of Dusty Strings harps! We are builders of lever harps (also commonly called folk or Celtic harps) and have been lovingly handcrafting our instruments in Seattle, WA since 1979. We invite you to browse to your heart's content, and if at any point you would prefer to talk to a person, feel free to give us a call! We won't bombard you with pushy sales tactics, and we would love to answer any questions you might have (or help you figure out what questions to ask). 

Featured Harp

Fiery Crescendo 34

We are total nerds about solid wood, and one of the reasons we love it so much is that you never quite know what you'll get. Every tree is a little bit different, and every board has its own character, which then becomes part of the harp it's made into. We often have a general idea of the character when we're laying out the harp parts on a rough-sawn board, but the details don't emerge until the parts have been shaped and sanded, and then they really pop out when the clear lacquer is applied.

In general, sapele wood has a fairly straight grain, so you can imagine our surprised delight to see this wild beauty emerge! We've been arguing over whether it looks more like flames or more like Rapunzel's hair, and you'll probably have your own interpretation. Though this harp is maybe not quite literally one-in-a-million, it's certainly one-in-several-hundreds. We don't see sapele wood like this more than once every few years. There is no extra charge for this stunner, but we can't make another one like it on demand, so don't wait too long to contact us if this is the harp of your dreams!

This harp has 34 strings and includes a full set of Camac sharping levers and a removable stand. More details about the Crescendo 34 model can be found here, and you're welcome to contact us if you have questions about or are interested in this particular harp.

Price: $3420 SOLD