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Curly maple lever harp neck with out of focus group of harps in background


Welcome to the world of Dusty Strings harps! We are builders of lever harps (also commonly called folk or Celtic harps) and have been lovingly handcrafting our instruments in Seattle, WA since 1979. We invite you to browse to your heart's content, and if at any point you would prefer to talk to a person, feel free to give us a call! We won't bombard you with pushy sales tactics, and we would love to answer any questions you might have (or help you figure out what questions to ask).

Featured Harp (SOLD)

FH34S in Walnut with black lacquer, Camac levers, abalone inlay, and the Dusty Harp Pickup installed

FH34S staveback harp in black with abalone around the soundboard
  • "It's so balanced and clear!"
  • "I think you've designed my dream harp..."
  • "This harp plays itself!"

We had such a great time seeing and hearing the reactions to our new FH34S harp at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival. The petite, staveback shape and light weight are appealing, the solid-wood tone is lush, resonant, crisp, and balanced, making it easy to play in a variety of styles. The treble is sparkly and the bass is powerful and distinct.

This special harp was the one showpiece we allowed ourselves to make for the festival, and though it was played in a couple of concerts and much admired, it was not snapped up and is still available for sale! The beautiful texture of the solid walnut wood shows through the black lacquer, and the soundboard has a contrasting curly maple veneer outlined in sparkly, iridescent abalone shell. With the Dusty Harp Pickup installed, and weighing in at 18.5 pounds with the Camac levers (add 2 pounds for the stand), it's an ideal performance instrument. (Hint: it fits in our carbon fiber flight case!)

More details about the FH34S model can be found here, and you're welcome to contact us if you have questions about or are interested in this particular harp. Included: full set of Camac sharping levers, detachable stand with four legs, Dusty Harp Pickup, deluxe zippered case, and tuning wrench.

Price: $7945 SOLD