Ravenna 26 harp neck with sharping levers on C and F

Additional Sharping Levers

Available for Ravenna 26 and Ravenna 34. All other models come fully levered.

As a way to cut down on the initial cost of a harp, our Ravenna models can be ordered with no levers or with a partial set of levers. We offer a few standard configurations, and you can customize those configurations if you wish by requesting additional levers. For example, you might order a C & F Ravenna 26 with additional levers on the B or G strings. Using Sharping Levers explains what can be accomplished with different lever configurations.

It is also possible to add levers yourself later on. When a Ravenna is partially levered or has no levers, we drill and cap all the rest of the holes, making it relatively easy to add levers later without any need for drilling. Any reasonably handy person can do this on his or her own harp, provided they have the proper tools and instructions.

Tools and an instruction booklet can be ordered on our website here. Because of the complexity involved in choosing the right lever sizes, we prefer to take lever orders over the phone.

Please note that we sell Loveland levers for Dusty Strings harps only. We do not stock the full range of possible lever sizes and colors, so for other harps, we recommend contacting Musicmakers Kits or Loveland directly.


Each additional Loveland lever, if ordered installed on a new harp: $27.50

Loveland sharping levers a la carte: $17.50 ea.