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Camac Levers

shiny silver camac sharping levers on a reddish bubinga harp neck

Camac levers, made in France, are nickel-plated cast and machined metal with some plastic parts, and are noted for their smooth mechanical function. They are available as a special order option on most of our harps at an additional cost. For more information on these levers as compared to our standard Loveland levers, see our sharping levers page, or read the in-depth discussion on our blog.

For logistical and pricing reasons, Camac levers are not available for the Serrana 34 or FH26 Double-Strung models.

Please note: Each Camac lever set is custom-designed to match the specs of a particular make and model of harp, and we order them in complete sets for Dusty Strings harps only. We do not have the parts and pieces to configure sets of levers or supply replacement levers for other brands of harp or for custom projects.

Additional charge on Ravenna 26, Allegro 26, or FH26: $165

Additional charge on Ravenna 34, Boulevard 34, Crescendo 34, FH34, FH34S, FH36H, or FH36S: $225