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Bird's-eye Maple Soundboard Veneer

harp soundboard with bird's-eye maple veneer and abalone shell outline

We build our FH-series harps with a thin, book-matched hardwood veneer over the spruce-and-mahogany soundboard, which adds both structural stability and visual appeal. For most of our cherry and walnut harps, we use a figured cherry veneer, and we pair our other woods with a curly maple veneer (also called flamed maple). For those interested in something a little bit fancier, bird's-eye maple soundboard veneer is a special option. The gorgeous three-dimensional appearance scattered with tiny "bird's eyes" is a beautiful detail on the soundboard of any of our solid wood harps.

Please note that the density of the "eyes" can vary.

On FH26: $245

On FH34, FH34S, FH36H or FH36S: $275