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Pickup Installed

amplifier connected to pickup jack in the back of a lever harp

The Dusty Harp Pickup is our answer to the question, "How can I make my harp louder and still have it sound the way I love?" Harps are particularly difficult to amplify because of their long soundboards. When we spent time testing a bunch of existing options, we didn't find anything we were completely satisfied with, so we decided the only way to meet our own high standards was to design something ourselves.

After extensive development and testing (we even tested the tonal effects of different types of glue), we came up with a pickup that we felt really good about recommending. Your harp will actually sound like your harp, just louder. If you're interested in the gritty details, there is a lot more information on this page, but in basic terms, our pickup covers more soundboard area, which allows for an even, balanced and natural tone throughout the entire range of the harp.

Unlike some of our other custom options, the pickup does not need to be built into the harp from the beginning. It can be installed after the harp is finished, and usually takes us just a few days. You can also order our harp pickup separately as a complete kit that you can install yourself. For more details about the installation process, or to order the kit online, click here.

If you could use some background information about all this amplification terminology, check out our blog series on harp amplification for beginners.

P10 pickup (fits our 26-string harps): $410 including installation

P20 pickup (fits our 34- and 36-string harps): $445 including installation

P25 pickup (fits the Serrana 34): $445 including installation

For information on pickup kits, including models for pedal harps and other non-Dusty Strings harps, click here.