Dusty Strings logo leather-covered hammer striking a hammered dulcimer string

The Dusty Dulcimer Sound

Dusty Strings builds a number of hammered dulcimer models. They differ in size, materials, and bracing methods, and each offers its own benefits - from the affordable laminated-soundboard Prelude with a sweet, balanced sound and easy portability, to the substantial and lush-sounding 4.5-octave D670. While the size and materials always affect the final sound, overall we have chosen to build instruments that have a controlled sustain and a strong fundamental tone that carries well. We feel that this serves a wide range of tastes and playing styles. A slow ballad is supported by the instrument's lush resonance, and you can also hit the strings hard or play an up-tempo piece without losing note definition. The clear, sparkly treble notes are balanced by the strong, deep bass, and the transitions between ranges are smooth and even.