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Several of us are away at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival, and we may not be able to respond to emails and phone calls as quickly as usual. Thank you for your patience!

Hammered Dulcimer Models

All Dusty Strings dulcimers are built with the same high-quality hardware and exacting standards. For more information on the differences between models, try our Dulcimer Finder or detailed comparison chart, or give us a call!

16/15 Dulcimers

Our 16/15 dulcimers have 16 courses of strings on the treble bridge and 15 courses on the bass bridge, and are tuned in the traditional American fifth-interval style with a 3-octave range. The Overture has a soundboard and back of laminated birch, and the D45 is made of all solid wood.

The Chromatic Series

Our Chromatic Series dulcimers use a variation on the traditional 5th-interval tuning scheme, which adds chromatic notes via extra bridges or substitutions. The D300 is a 3-octave compact model, the 500 series are mid-sized, and the 600 series are our largest models. Chromatic Series dulcimers are made of all solid wood with a more sophisticated internal bracing system, which produces unparalleled resonance, clarity and depth of tone.

Piano Dulcimer

The PD40 is all solid wood and has a non-traditional tuning scheme that mimics the black and white keys on a piano. The unique tuning allows for a full 3.5 chromatic octaves of range on a mid-sized and mid-priced instrument.