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To our Dusty Strings community,

Following ten weeks of working as best we could from home, we have been back in the workshop now since June, and are relieved to be doing what we love, which is building instruments! We have really appreciated everyone's patience so far, and we hope you'll continue to be patient with us. Our first priority has to be the health of our employees and our community, and we are carefully following all of the safety practices recommended and required by the state of Washington. Within those limitations, we are doing the best we can to answer the phones and to respond to orders and emails as quickly as possible, and we're grateful for your understanding if it takes us longer than usual to get back to you!

String & Accessory Orders

We should be able to fill most orders for strings and accessories within a few days. At this point, we don't expect any significant delays, but we will let you know if we think it will be more than a week before your order ships.

Mail Service Disruptions

The mail service has been slower and more irregular than usual in recent months, and we are seeing huge variations in how long it takes a package to arrive, and even how long it sits at the post office before it is scanned into their tracking system. If your package is delayed on our end, we will let you know. Unfortunately, once we have handed it off to USPS, there is nothing we can do to investigate the status beyond what the tracking information shows. Packages are reliably being delivered, just not always in the normal amount of time.

If you are trying to place an order through our website for shipping outside of the US and you receive a "no shipping options available" message, that means that the United States Postal Service is not currently accepting mail for delivery to your country. We are sorry that we do not have any way to get around this, and we hope you can wait until the situation improves!

Instrument Orders

We have resumed building and shipping instruments and would love to answer questions or talk with you about placing an order! If your dream instrument is not in stock, we can make an educated guess about how long it will take us to build it, but please allow some extra time for surprises. We are still adjusting to our limited capacity and safety restrictions.

We sincerely appreciate your support during these uncertain times. It is hard to be a small business in the best of times, and this is a challenge on a scale we haven't faced in our 40 years, so we want you to know that both your continuing interest and your words of encouragement mean a lot to us!



  • 36 strings, 5 octaves
  • Solid wood construction in choice of 5 woods
  • Comfortable staveback design
  • Full set of Loveland sharping levers
  • Deluxe case included

The FH36S has what we feel is the ideal range for a full-size lever harp: five octaves, starting and ending on C. It surrounds the player with a round, full-bodied and well articulated sound, and its generous depth, power and responsiveness make playing seem effortless. It's a beautiful piece of fine woodworking and a satisfying investment for any harp enthusiast.

The sides and back of the soundbox consist of five facets of book-matched hardwood. This staveback design puts a flat facet, rather than a corner, against the player's shoulder, which some find more comfortable and which makes it easier to reach the lower strings. This soundbox shape, as opposed to the rectangular soundbox of the FH36H, gives a subtly rounder sound with a slightly fuller bass voice.

Sapele: $6095

Maple: $6295

Walnut: $6395

Figured cherry: $6595

Bubinga: $6695

Includes deluxe CH36 case and custom tuning wrench.

Please note that your harp will not look exactly like the photos you see here. Because wood is a natural material, and the color and grain vary from tree to tree, each harp we build is unique.

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Abalone Celtic knot on the pillar

Price: $675


Abalone inlay around the soundboard

Price: $1000


Camac levers

Price: $225


Bird's-eye maple soundboard veneer

Price: $225


Koa soundboard veneer (maple harps only)

Price: $225

gut strings

Gut strings

Price: $270

The Dusty Harp Pickup installed

Price: $425



  • 36 strings
  • 5 octaves
  • Low: C two octaves below middle C
  • High: C three octaves above middle C

String composition

  • Treble and upper mid-range: nylon monofilament
  • Lower mid-range: nylon core with nylon wrap
  • Bass: phosphor bronze core with nylon wrap

Lever options

  • Full set of Loveland levers included
  • Camac levers available


  • Sides, back, neck and pillar: sapele, walnut, maple, figured cherry or bubinga
  • Soundboard: solid mahogany in the mid and upper ranges and spruce in the bass, overlaid with book-matched figured hardwood veneer and bordered with purfling and edge binding


  • Sapele: approximately 26 pounds
  • Walnut: approximately 25 pounds
  • Maple: approximately 29 pounds
  • Figured cherry: approximately 26 pounds
  • Bubinga: approximately 31 pounds
  • Case adds 9½ pounds

Note: the weight can vary by up to 2 pounds, depending on the density of the particular tree from which the harp was made.

Approximate Dimensions

  • Height at back of harp: 51 inches
  • Height at front of harp: 54 inches
  • Maximum soundbox width: 14 inches
  • Widest part of harp (front to back): 29 inches
Line drawing showing approximate dimensions of FH36S harp


Reviews & Testimonials

5 Review(s)

  • Gunhild
    Mar 8, 2021
    Is is now almost a year, that I play my very beautiful DUSTY-harp and I am still very, very happy with her. She is amazing not only in regarding her sound but also in her beautiful appearance! DUSTY has used an extraordinary and rare cherry wood with a very seldom wood grain. I find that one can play her immediately: you don‘t have to develope her sonority because she has already a sound like beeing played for several years. It is incredible! My harp teacher always sais (and so do I!): DUSTY HARPS are the FERRARI among the harps. I do play pedal harp; before I had a lever harp from another very good harp maker; he made the instrument especially for me and anyway I prefer my „REVERIE“ how I name my DUSTY harp and I sold the other Instruments (which was as well a good built instrument); but my DUSTY is so very special - I do not have enough english words in my vocabulary to express my enthusiasm. A lot of greetings to the DUSTY-Team and thank you for your lovingly manufactured harp(s)!
    Gunhild from Germany :-))))
  • Ellie
    Apr 28, 2018
    The first time I played the stave back FH36 I was hooked. I’ve been a pedal harpist since I was a young girl, so I found the stave model much more comfortable to play than the square back. But it was the tone and resonance that really sold me. I remember wanting a bubinga one, but at the time it was a walnut FH36 that captured my ear and my heart. My students have played that harp for years now, and several have gone on to choose the Dusty Strings harps as a result. A couple of them have loved the walnut, and others chosen bubinga. In all cases, they have been thrilled.

    One of my students had taken up the harp in her retirement from a career in banking and finance and teaching business at a local college. “I amortized it out, and I think if I can play it for ten years it will pay for itself,” she said at the time. I can’t remember what criteria she used, but she did enjoy playing at local retirement and assisted living centers for modest remuneration. When she passed away, to my surprise she left me her beautiful bubinga harp, which is probably the most beautiful folk harp I have played.

    And recently I acquired another bubinga when a friend who was moving overseas had to downsize, so I have one with the modified staveback now, too. Also stunning!

    I heartily recommend these harps. I have loved playing and listening to the sound of my harps from the first day, and my students have had the chance from their earliest lessons to learn to make the most beautiful sound in the world on the highest quality instruments. It’s one thing to fall in love with the sound of the harp; it’s another to play a harp that is responsive, resonant, and tonally rich. Total joy.
  • Pamela
    Apr 7, 2018
    When I decided to take up the Celtic harp, I went to The Harp Connection in Salem, MA and asked the harpist there to play the same song on all of their lever harps. It took only 15 seconds - maybe less! - for me to choose my FH36S in Walnut. It is the perfect, perfect harp for both the gigs I play and the therapeutic work I do at local medical facilities. The warmth and resonance is just luscious. And the quality of the construction is top-notch. I look forward to the day when I can travel to Seattle and tell them in person!

“WOW!!!! OMG! I am blown away truly. I know you can imagine after playing a smaller lap harp for 6 months the shock and awe I experienced playing this gorgeous instrument! The fullness and resonance is beyond my wildest dreams. I was struck by the testimonial from the person who said they plucked a string and ran around the block and came back and it was still ringing. I even remembered their comment when I plucked the first few strings. It was truly breathtaking and the expression on my face must have been priceless!!”

–Mary Conaway (Pikesville, MD)

"There is no other harp I have ever played that has affected me as much as this one has - I want to play her all the time, even with sore fingers!"

-Balfour Knight (Balsam, NC)

"It was nice to be able to thank you in person for this beautiful harp that has given, and continues to give me so much pleasure - and my family and friends who hear it too! As I said at the [Edinburgh Harp] Festival, I do feel this harp has turned me into a musician - from someone who had played but not really taken it very seriously (I think because I just wasn't really enjoying playing a rather basic harp) - there is something about the beauty and quality of this instrument that immediately met and lifted my aspirations and commitment. I just love it, and so love playing it!"

-Anne Shivas (UK)

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