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Dusty Harp Tool Kit

A black clutch style bag with zipper, opened. There are tools, a wiping cloth, and the Loveland sharping lever guidebook visible. The tools are held in place with pockets and elastic loops sewn into the bag.
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This handy custom kit of tools lets a Dusty harp owner manage all their harp adjusting needs - from replacing strings and lever cams to regulating Loveland levers. Slip it into your case pocket along with your tuning wrench, and impress your friends when you pull it out to tighten a lever or regulate your harp! It's also a great gift for any tool-lover who wants to support a family member's harp habit.

This kit is intended for Dusty harps that have Loveland levers, and were built after early 2001, with hexagonal, threaded bridge pins. With these custom-designed tools and the included instructions, regulation and lever adjustments are within easy reach of any handy person wishing for a new level of independence. While instructions for working with round bridge pins are included, the tools needed to adjust them are not.

This is a complete, compact and comfortable-to-use regulation kit, but don't let the price tag deter you from attempting your own regulations! The basic tools can be found at most hardware stores or on our website, and the instruction booklet is also available separately.



The Tool Kit includes:

  • Four custom tool tips for adjusting Loveland levers and threaded bridge pins (5/32" nut driver, 3/16" nut driver, 5/32" sidewinder, 7/64" ball-end hex driver)
  • Turned hardwood handle with magnetic hex socket, which holds the custom tool tips
  • Combination pliers and snips for removing broken strings and cutting string ends
  • ¼-inch open end wrench for adjusting and replacing lever cams
  • Stiff brush and soft wiping cloth for keeping wood, strings and hardware clean and dust-free
  • Starter supply of string splines and leather washers
  • Loveland Sharping Lever Installation, Regulation & Adjustment booklet
  • Zippered microfiber clutch to keep it all organized and secure

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