FH26 Double-Strung


  • 26 strings per side, 3½ octaves
  • Solid wood construction in choice of 3 woods
  • Full set of Loveland sharping levers
  • Set of four removable legs included
  • Deluxe case included

With two banks of parallel strings, each with a full set of sharping levers, this double-strung harp offers a new level of creativity. The FH26 double-strung is available in maple, figured cherry and bubinga woods.

With the double-strung setup, each hand has free access to the harp's entire range, permitting arrangements that would typically require a much larger harp. Different lever settings, intricate arrangements, complex harmonies and echo effects add to the potential techniques this harp can inspire.

Maple: $4145

Figured cherry: $4295

Bubinga: $4345

Includes CD26 case, custom tuning wrench and leg set.

Please note that your harp will not look exactly like the photos you see here. Because wood is a natural material, and the color and grain vary from tree to tree, each harp we build is unique.

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Bird's-eye maple soundboard veneer

Price: $225


Koa soundboard veneer (maple harps only)

Price: $225

The Dusty Harp Pickup installed

Price: $395



  • 26 strings
  • 3½ octaves
  • Low: C one octave below middle C
  • High: G 2½ octaves above middle C

String composition

  • Treble and mid-range: nylon monofilament
  • Bass: nylon core with nylon wrap

Lever options

  • Full set of Loveland levers on each side


  • Sides, back, neck and pillar: maple, figured cherry or bubinga
  • Soundboard: solid mahogany overlaid with book-matched figured hardwood veneer and bordered with purfling and edge binding


  • Maple: approximately 18 pounds
  • Figured cherry: approximately 16 pounds
  • Bubinga: approximately 19 pounds
  • Legs add 1½ pounds
  • Case adds 5½ pounds

Note: the weight can vary by up to 2 pounds, depending on the density of the particular tree from which the harp was made.

Approximate Dimensions

  • Height at back of harp: 34½ inches
  • Height at front of harp: 39 inches
  • Legs add 11½ inches
  • Maximum soundbox width: 9½ inches
  • Widest part of harp (front to back): 21½ inches
Line drawing showing approximate dimensions of FH26 harp


Reviews & Testimonials

1 Review(s)

  • Jesse
    Sep 30, 2018
    I have been a very happy owner of a Dusty bubinga double-strung harp since 2001, and I've recorded three albums on it, in addition to playing it on many other recordings, in concerts, in pub sessions in Ireland and busking in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Not only does it sound AMAZING, but it is also an incredibly comfortable harp to play! The lighter tension is easy on the hands, and the two rows of strings make creating awesome arrangements a breeze. I've played other double harps and Dusty doubles are by far the best sounding double harps in this octave range, and they are very reliable harps and easy to tune (important when you have to tune so many strings!). I would highly recommend these harps as a first choice for anyone looking to explore the double harp. Excellent for playing fast Irish dance tunes, adapting traditional mbira tunes to harp, playing more chromatic stuff (I set the levers different on each side to play the harp part for "She's Leaving Home" by the Beatles), or playing traditional Welsh harp music where the double strung sound is used in tune variations to create an "echo" melody. I am very partial to the bubinga because it's rich in the low end and very sparkly in the treble. The double rows of strings also add a little more resonance than single-strung harps of the same size. Bottom line is, Dusty harps sound beautiful, have practical hardware, are easy to play, and seem to last forever. Simply a superb instrument!

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