Replacement Loveland Lever Cams

Older Style



We are starting to run out of certain sizes in the older style, so if you don't see the size you need, we recommend ordering a newer style cam instead. They are the same length, just with a larger grip, so having a mix of old and new on your harp won't be all that noticeable. (See photos above)

Newer Style




Occasionally, the cam (black handle) on a Loveland lever can crack with use (more info here). If this happens to your Dusty Strings harp, you don't have to replace the whole lever; you can order just a replacement cam and switch it out for the broken one. In most cases, the process is simple and requires only a 1/4" wrench, although some levers in the upper range of the harp require an extra step and another tool because they are so close together. There is an instruction sheet here and tools are available here.

If you're not sure what size or style you need, see the How to Order tab.

On occasion, a new-style cam will not fit onto the post of an older lever. If this happens to you, we suggest using an 1/8" drill bit to enlarge the hole in the cam ever so slightly. You can hold the drill bit with pliers or a vice and spin the cam onto it by hand. Using a powered drill is not recommended, as it's easy to lose control.

Note: If you have a non-Dusty Strings harp, we do not recommend ordering cams from us. We have historically used a different length of handle than most other harp makers, so it is unlikely that ours will match the rest of the levers on your harp.


How to Order

There are two different styles of cam - an older style and a newer style - so make sure you look at the pictures below and choose the right style for your harp.

The number with a circle around it denotes the size of the cam. It is very important to get the correct size, or the string will not sound good with the lever engaged. If the number is too small to see, you can find lever sizing information on the string charts on our harp strings page.

The color choices are just like your strings. C levers have a red dot, F levers have a blue dot, and the rest are clear (no color).

Older style of Loveland lever, showing circular tip with no color, and size 0 stamped into the side
Newer style of Loveland lever, showing oblong tip with red paint and the size stamped on the side