Loveland Sharping Lever Installation, Regulation & Adjustment Guide

Loveland sharping lever installation, regulation and adjustment instruction booklet by Dusty Strings


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This handy 14-page booklet takes you through the ins and outs of installing and adjusting Loveland levers. With lots of clear photos and detailed, step-by-step instructions, it allows any harp player to become his or her own lever technician. Whether you are installing additional levers on a partially-levered harp, replacing a broken lever, or regulating existing levers, this guide will get you through it. (The same principles apply to Camac lever regulation, but the pictures and descriptions in the booklet are specific to Loveland levers.)

This is the same booklet that is included in the Dusty Harp Tool Kit.

For more basic instructions, check out our General Lever Harp Regulation info sheet.