Crescendo 34


  • 34 strings, 4¾ octaves
  • Solid sapele neck, back & sides
  • Laminated Finland birch soundboard
  • Full set of Loveland sharping levers
  • Removable stand included

The Crescendo 34 is great blend of affordability, portability and depth of sound in a 4¾-octave range. With solid sapele wood neck, back and sides and a laminated birch soundboard (like the Allegro 26), the Crescendo 34 has a clear, bright sound with a deep, resonant bass.

For playing comfort, we've added facets on the upper corners of the back. This clever "hybrid staveback" design provides the ergonomic benefits of our popular 36-string staveback harp at a portion of the cost.

To keep the carrying size to a minimum while giving maximum flexibility of playing height, the Crescendo 34 includes an innovative removable stand. It has 5-inch legs and nestles into the base of the harp, attaching in seconds with the twist of a knob and without turning the harp upside down. 8-inch legs are an option for those who prefer more height. For those who like a lower height, the harp balances beautifully on the ground without the stand. The stand comes apart to fit in the case pockets.

The Crescendo 34 delivers a great combination of range, performance and value in an elegant and easy-to-manage harp.

CD34 case available separately.

Price: $3195 Includes stand with 5-inch legs and T-handle tuning wrench

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Camac levers

Price: $225

The Dusty Harp Pickup installed

Price: $395

gut strings

Gut strings

Price: $270


Padded case

Price: $265



  • 34 strings
  • 4¾ octaves
  • Low: C two octaves below middle C
  • High: A 2¾ octaves above middle C

String composition

  • Treble and upper mid-range: nylon monofilament
  • Lower mid-range: nylon core with nylon wrap
  • Bass: steel core with metal wrap

Lever options

  • Full set of Loveland levers included
  • Camac levers available


  • Sides, back, neck and pillar: solid sapele
  • Soundboard: laminated Finland birch


  • Harp: approximately 22 pounds
  • Stand adds 2 pounds
  • Case adds 7½ pounds

Note: the weight can vary by up to 2 pounds, depending on the density of the particular tree from which the harp was made.

Approximate Dimensions

  • Height at back of harp: 44 inches
  • Height at front of harp: 48 inches
  • Stand adds 5, 7½, or 11 inches
  • Maximum soundbox width: 13½ inches
  • Widest part of harp (front to back): 27½ inches
Line drawing showing approximate dimensions of Crescendo 34 harp


Reviews & Testimonials

2 Review(s)

  • Susan
    May 30, 2018
    I have had a life long dream of owning my own harp. Decades ago, when I was doing graduate study in vocal performance at the Shepherd School of Music, Houston, I came across a Dusty Strings newspaper/catalogue in a practice room. I thought the handmade, wood instruments so lovely & when no one claimed the paper after a few days, I appropriated it & I've had it all these years in my music files.
    I recently came into a small inheritance & decided to use it to buy a harp. I was so excited I was practically beside myself! I knew I was buying it from Dusty Strings immediately, didn't have to think twice. However, my experience buying from them totally exceeded my expectations in every way. It has been a uniquely gratifying & rare pleasure. What a group of incredibly kind, helpful, patient, funny & professionally excellent music-loving people they are! If anyone ever asks me where to buy a harp I will say unequivocally "Dusty Strings". I just want to sit down with them & share a cuppa, they're just those kind of people.
    My "talk, dark & handsome" Crescendo was the featured harp on their website & I fell in love with it's beauty. It's as beautiful in person as the pictures represented & the sound is wonderful. I was a Spinto back in the day, so big is always appreciated here & I was blown away by the rich beauty of my harp's timbre.
    I could go one & on but the bottom line is, Dusty Strings has a customer for life.
    TriCities WA
  • Gretchen
    Apr 9, 2018
    I have played my Crescendo 34 for 2+ years now and love it more every day! When we listened to all of the harps before purchasing this one, we knew right away it produced by far the most lovely sound in the ones in our price range. It is gorgeous to look at, gorgeous to listen to, and a blessing to play! Superb workmanship, quality materials, divine instrument {:0)

"My Crescendo arrived ten days ago, and I am totally in love with the lush, bell-like round sound that just fills the room with joy. This is a harp that is just begging to be played - and it's mine! Sylvia Woods was right when she said the weight would be nothing compared to my pedal harp, which I have loved for over 30 years but had to limit playing due to spinal fractures. Now I can play to my heart's content."

-Lorrie Hubin (Escondido, California)

"I was one of several people lined up outside your Fremont store early Friday morning to buy a harp, and the rest of this weekend have been on my ‘harpy moon’ with my beautiful Crescendo. The tone is so rich and full, and I love the bass - it just reverberates for ever. The upper registers sound pure without seeming constricted or nasally. This harp is a joy to play, and I am so grateful to have such an excellent instrument!"

-Chloe Wilcox

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