A la Carte Levering & Regulation Tools


1/4" open end wrench

for Loveland lever cams


5/32" nut driver

for medium bridge pins


3/16" nut driver

for large bridge pins


7/64" ball driver

for Loveland lever screws


5/32" open end wrench

for beveled bridge pins


T5 Torx driver

for small Camac lever handles


T6 Torx driver

for large Camac lever handles


T8 Torx driver

for Camac lever screws



These are inexpensive versions of our Tool Kit tools that you can use for installing, regulating and adjusting Loveland and Camac levers and Dusty Strings threaded bridge pins. For basic instructions and a list of which tools will be helpful for your particular harp, download our General Lever Harp Regulation sheet. More detailed instructions can be found in our Levering and Regulation Guide Book.

If you have an older Dusty harp with round bridge pins, only the 1/4" open end wrench and the 7/64" ball driver will be of use to you. The other tools are specific to our threaded bridge pins. You can easily tell the difference because the threaded bridge pins have a hexagonal shape on the end, and the round ones are cylindrical.

Note: Some medium bridge pins may be crowded too closely to other hardware for the 5/32" nut driver to fit. In those cases, use the 5/32" open end wrench instead.