Black finish on a dulcimer soundboard shows the grain texture and contrasts with the strings and bridges

Black Soundboard

For a dramatic contrast to the strings and rails, we can finish the soundboard in a semi-gloss black lacquer instead of the standard clear lacquer. It is an opaque black, but does not create a smooth, pore-filled surface, so the texture and grain of the wood is still visible. Since the process of applying black lacquer requires the instrument to have edge binding, the binding and purfling option must also be ordered for the D10, D45 and PD40. The Chromatic Series instruments include binding as a standard feature.

Price: $130 (Available for models D10, D45, PD40, D300, D500, D550, D570, D600, D650 & D670. For D10, D45 & PD40, binding must also be ordered.)

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