Colorful abalone shell surrounding a hammered dulcimer rosette

Abalone Inlay

Don't be afraid to add a bit of color and iridescent sparkle to your instrument! We painstakingly inlay small strips of multi-hued abalone shell between borders of delicate contrasting veneers called purfling. The result is a tasteful and elegent touch that outlines the whole instrument or highlights just the soundhole.

Soundboard Inlay

The edge of the soundboard is entirely outlined in abalone shell. Since the inlay process requires the instrument to have binding, the binding and purfling option must be ordered as well for the D10 and D45. The Chromatic Series dulcimers come standard with binding and purfling.

Price: $800 (Available for models D10, D45, D300, D500, D550, D570, D600, D650 & D670. For D10 and D45, binding must also be ordered.)

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Soundhole Inlay

Abalone inlay surrounds the soundhole and carved maple leaf insert. This option is only offered on our Chromatic Series instruments.

Price: $250 (Available for models D300, D500, D550, D570, D600, D650 & D670)

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