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Updates: We have just migrated our website and have some details to clean up, so please pardon the mess! We’d also like to ask for your patience if we are slower than usual to respond to orders, emails, and phone calls. We are still dealing with the challenges of operating a manufacturing business safely during COVID, and we are working with limited staff capacity. Thank you!

Discontinued Hammered Dulcimer Models

Prelude, Apprentice & D10

We regret to say we are no longer making our 12/11 models - the Prelude, Apprentice and D10. Though they were beloved Dusty Strings staples for 40 years, it became impossible to stick to our quality standards and also achieve a price level that made sense for a small dulcimer. We have also noticed many more beginners these days choosing to start on a 16/15 model like the Overture or D45, which is a size and range they aren't likely to grow out of very quickly. We encourage you to explore those models or to check out other dulcimer builders if you're really looking for something smaller. Thanks!

Try these instead: