Hammered Dulcimer Video & Audio

We have tried to create as accurate of a comparison experience as possible for those who aren't able to try our different dulcimer models in person. To the best of our ability, our dulcimer recordings were made with the same microphone placement for all models. There were no effects or equalization added, or any other manipulation of the sound. We do recommend listening with headphones for the best experience!

The tune is Josefins Dopvals (Josephine's Baptismal Waltz), written by Roger Tallroth (used by permission) and played by Ray Mooers. After an arpeggio with wooden hammers, the first half of the tune is played with leather covered hammers and the second half with wooden hammers.


  • The Prelude, Apprentice, and D10 have been discontinued as of January 2021, though we may still have a couple left if you're interested.
  • The plain audio tracks (at the bottom of the page) are the same as the tracks used in the videos.
  • The Prelude and Apprentice are the same instrument, just with a different color of lacquer, which has no effect on the sound.
  • The D500, D550 and D570 have the same body and the same sound. The only difference is the extended bass range on the D550 and D570, which is illustrated in the range comparison sound clip.
  • The above is also true of the D600, D650 and D670.
  • We do not yet have a recording of the PD40, but it has a very similar quality of sound to the D45 and is made of the same materials. For an idea of what you can do with the PD40, check out this video of Dan Landrum.
  • We sometimes make changes to the design of our dulcimer models that are purely visual and do not affect the sound. We try to keep the photos on the dulcimer model pages up to date, but be aware that the videos may not show the most current version.

***The Prelude has been discontinued as of January 2021***

***The D10 has been discontinued as of January 2021***