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NOTE: As of January 2021, the D10 has been discontinued. We recommend considering the D45 or Overture as alternatives!

  • 2½ octaves
  • solid sapele soundboard and back
  • traditional 5th-interval tuning
  • 12/11 configuration

The solid sapele soundboard and back give this 2½ octave dulcimer a rich, full sound. Characteristic of all solid-wood instruments, the tone of the D10 continues to develop in clarity and depth the more it is played. The same compact size as the Prelude and Apprentice, the D10 is the model for those who want the aesthetic and rich tonal quality of solid wood.

Case and legs or stand are available separately.


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Sparkly abalone inlay outlining the soundboard of a hammered dulcimer

Abalone Soundboard Inlay (binding must also be ordered)

Price: $800

Hammered dulcimer with black finish on the soundboard Black Soundboard (binding must also be ordered)

Price: $130
Close-up of detailed edge binding on a hammered dulcimer

Binding and Purfling

Price: $275

Padded carrying case for hammered dulcimer

Protective carrying case

Price: $175

Dulcimer stand options include this folding wooden stand Variety of stand and leg choices

Tuning & Specifications


The D10, Prelude, and Apprentice have 2½ octaves of range; the lowest note is the G below middle C. There are 12 courses of strings on the treble bridge and 11 courses on the bass bridge. This configuration is often referred to as 12/11. Easily available keys are G, D, C and F, along with their relative minors. There are a variety of chromatic notes available in each key.

Tuning and Strings

String chart for Prelude, Apprentice or D10 hammered dulcimerSuperscript numbers indicate octaves (C4 is middle C). Dots indicate marked courses. All strings are plain steel with loop ends, and the wire gauges are shown in inches.

Click here for downloadable string charts and string ordering information.


  • Hammered dulcimer drawing with top and bottom rails labeledBottom rail: 38½ inches
  • Top rail: 20 inches
  • Height: 15 inches
  • Thickness: 3¼ inches
  • Weight: approx. 12 pounds


  • Soundboard and back: solid sapele
  • Pinblocks and rails: Eastern hard maple
  • Bridges and soundhole inserts: maple

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Reviews & Testimonials

1 Review(s)

  • Tristan
    May 14, 2019
    Wonderful instrument! I'm a composer, and I recently received a 1988 model of this. I teach myself very quickly, and it sounds great. I love playing music on it. I made special hammers with felt on one side of the hammer for effect. Playing the instrument makes me feel so powerful and emotional as I play.

“The dulcimer arrived in plenty of time for the holiday and was in perfect condition. I bought this as a present for my wife and she was both surprised and delighted with it. It appears to be exceptionally well crafted. The selection of materials with no defects, the finish, and workmanship are all exemplary. ... It’s nice to see something so well made when the pervasive mindset behind the products of our time are driven by economics to fail and thus power a marketing treadmill. You are building heirlooms of lasting quality that will be treasured by future generations. I salute you in that endeavor and trust you enjoy deep satisfaction by knowing that your work will survive as highly regarded.”

-David Moniot (Chesapeake, Virginia)

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