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  • 3 octaves
  • natural or black lacquer
  • laminated Finland birch soundboard and back
  • traditional 5th-interval tuning
  • 16/15 configuration
  • also available as a package with a case and stand

The larger version of our popular and affordable Prelude model is also built with a laminated Finland birch soundboard and back, and has the same stability and sweet, balanced sound. Extending the standard 2½ octave range downward, this instrument opens up a wider choice of playing keys and affords greater versatility in arranging melodies and harmonies.

The Overture is available as an instrument only (including hammers and a tuning wrench) or as a package with a C45 case and folding sit-down stand, providing a complete ready-to-go option. There is also the option to choose black finish instead of the standard clear lacquer. (For an idea of what this looks like, see the Apprentice.)

Overture, natural or black: $625 (includes T-handle tuning wrench, regular single-sided wood hammers, note guide strips, owner's guidebook)

Overture Package, natural or black: $850 (includes above accessories, plus C45 case and folding sit-down stand)

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Burgundy padded soft case for hammered dulcimer

Protective carrying case

Price: $165

Hammered dulcimer support options include this folding wooden stand Variety of stand and leg choices

Tuning & Specifications


The Overture has a three-octave range, and the lowest note is the D below middle C. There are 16 courses of strings on the treble bridge and 15 courses on the bass bridge - a configuration that is often referred to as 16/15. Easily available keys are G, D, C, F and A, along with their relative minors, and there are a variety of chromatic notes available in each key.

Tuning and Strings

String chart for Overture hammered dulcimerSuperscript numbers indicate octaves (C4 is middle C). Dots indicate marked courses. PB = phosphor bronze wire. PBW = phosphor bronze wound. All unmarked strings are plain steel. Wire gauges are shown in inches.

Click here for downloadable string charts and string ordering information.


  • Dulcimer diagram with top and bottom rails labeledBottom rail: 42 inches
  • Top rail: 19½ inches
  • Height: 17¾ inches
  • Thickness: 4 inches
  • Weight: approx. 14 pounds


  • Soundboard and back: laminated Finland birch
  • Pinblocks and rails: Eastern hard maple
  • Main bridges: maple
  • Side bridges and soundhole inserts: sapele

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