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  • 3 octaves
  • solid sapele soundboard and back
  • traditional 5th-interval tuning
  • 16/15 configuration
  • also available as a package with a case and dampers

The D45 provides the dulcimer enthusiast with three octaves of sparkling, clean and balanced sound in a 16 treble and 15 bass course configuration. As an extra enhancement, we've inserted three upper chromatic notes to extend the chromatic range to more than two octaves - a very useful feature that increases the versatility of the instrument. Made entirely of solid wood, this dulcimer has a deep bass that blends beautifully with its clear, even treble.

The D45 was designed to be fitted with dampers, which are a sustain control device that allow a wide range of tonal effects, from the rich and complex natural voice of the undamped strings to a wonderful, wholly muted marimba-like tone with no sustain. The dampers on the D45 can be installed when the instrument is built, or easily added later by the player.

Combining a rich, full sound, versatility and solid-wood elegance in a mid-sized and mid-priced instrument, the D45 will be a delight for any dulcimer player, from beginning to advanced.

D45: $1295 (includes double-sided oval hammers, gooseneck tuning wrench, note guide strips)

D45 Package: $1835 (includes above accessories, plus C45 case and dampers installed)

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Sparkly abalone shell outlines the edges of a hammered dulcimer soundboard

Abalone Soundboard Inlay (binding must also be ordered)

Price: $800

Hammered dulcimer with a black soundboard and maple trim Black Soundboard (binding must also be ordered)

Price: $130
Close-up of decorative binding and purfling adorning the edges of a hammered dulcimer

Binding and Purfling

Price: $275

Felted damper bar allows for sustain control on a hammered dulcimer


Price: $425

Burgundy cordura soft case for hammered dulcimer

Padded carrying case

Price: $215

Hammered dulcimer support options include this folding wooden stand Variety of stand and leg choices

Tuning & Specifications


The D45 has three octaves of range, and the lowest note is the D below middle C. There are 16 courses of strings on the treble bridge and 15 courses on the bass bridge - a configuration often referred to as 16/15. Easily available keys are G, D, C, F and A, along with their relative minors. There are a variety of chromatic notes available in each key.

A special feature of the D45 is three extra chromatic notes (D#5, G#5, and Bb5) which have been added to replace notes which are duplicated in the normal tuning pattern.

Tuning and Strings

String chart for a D45 hammered dulcimerSuperscript numbers indicate octaves (C4 is middle C). Dots indicate marked courses. PB = phosphor bronze. PBW = phosphor bronze wound. Unspecified strings are plain steel. Wire gauges are shown in inches.

Click here for downloadable string charts and string ordering information.


  • Hammered dulcimer diagram with top and bottom rails labeledBottom rail: 42 inches
  • Top rail: 19½ inches
  • Height: 17¾ inches
  • Thickness: 4 inches
  • Weight: approx. 15 pounds


  • Soundboard and back:solid sapele
  • Pinblocks and rails: Eastern hard maple
  • Bridges and soundhole inserts: Eastern hard maple

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Reviews & Testimonials

1 Review(s)

  • Beverly
    Apr 5, 2018
    Wonderful Instrument! I purchased my D45 in 2000 as a beginner HD player. It has a beautiful sound and holds its tuning thus I rarely have to adjust any of the strings. I love Dusty Strings' HD's so much and was so impressed with this instrument that last year I upgraded to the D550. My D45 has given me years of wonderful sound so I know I can expect the same from my D550.

"The D45 arrived last night and it is beautiful! I love all the craftsmanship down to the detailed woodwork and the hammers, and even the case is beautiful. Thanks for your help answering all my questions. Tonight, I'm going to get it all tuned up and look forward to playing it!"

-John Moss (Mesa, AZ)

"I just wanted to thank you for creating such beautiful instruments and getting me started. Playing my hammered dulcimer brings me great joy."

-Dale Bicksler (Mechanicsburg, PA)

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