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Shipping Costs

For accessories, you'll be able to find out the shipping options and costs by adding the item to your online shopping cart and inputting your country, city, and postal code.

Instruments have a flat fee when shipped within the lower 48 United States. Please note these are subject to change as our shipping providers change their rates.

  • Overture, D45 or PD40: $105
  • D300, D500, D550 or D570: $155
  • D650 or D670: $185
  • FH26, Allegro 26 or Ravenna 26: $165
  • Ravenna 34, Serrana 34, Boulevard 34, Crescendo 34, FH34 or FH34S: $400
  • FH36H or FH36S: $485
  • Dusty Flight Case: $485

For instruments shipping internationally or to Alaska or Hawaii, please call us for a quote.