Dealer Inquiries

We always welcome inquiries from music stores who are interested in exploring harps or hammered dulcimers! Whether you have customers asking, you have a teacher who would like to make rental instruments available to students, or you are just looking for a new and intriguing instrument to attract a different type of customer, we'd love to talk with you about carrying our harps or dulcimers.

We have our own retail store here in Seattle, and we can't count the number of times someone has come in with their guitar-playing friend and has been surprised to see these more unusual instruments. Their eyes get wide and we hear, "Oh! I've always wanted to play the harp!" or "There's that instrument I heard someone playing but never knew the name of!" They sit down to try one, and before they know it, hours have passed and they're totally hooked.

It's a wonderful thing for us and for our customers to have our instruments represented in stores, and we are very invested in helping our dealers through the initial learning curve and supporting them in any way we can along the road. We maintain close relationships with most of the dealers that carry our instruments, and many of them have become good friends over the years. We also take great care to ensure that any new partnership is going to serve the needs of our customers and of our existing dealers. If you're interested in talking with us about the possibilities, we'd love to discuss it with you and see where you might be able to fit into our dealer network! Feel free to give us a call at (206) 634-1656 or use the contact form below.

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