Harp Video & Audio

We have tried to create as accurate of a comparison experience as possible for those who aren't able to try our different harps models in person. To the best of our ability, our harp recordings were made with the same microphone placement for all harps. There were no effects or equalization added, or any other manipulation of the sound. We do recommend listening with headphones for the best experience!

The Tunes

  • 26-string harps: Fanny Po'er, by O'Carolan, played by Harper Tasche
  • 34- and 36-string harps: Calon Lan, a Welsh hymn by John Hughes, played and arranged by Harper Tasche
  • Boulevard: Ground in F, by Henry Purcell, played by Marian Sussman


  • The plain audio tracks (at the bottom of the page) are the same as the tracks used in the videos. We do not have a video of the Boulevard, but there is an audio recording.
  • We've recorded a walnut harp of each FH model so you can easily compare the differences between models, and we've recorded all five wood choices in the FH36S model, so you can compare the differences between woods. Unfortunately, due to the logistical challenges involved, we do not have a recording of every harp model in every wood type.
  • Custom options like black lacquer or a different soundboard veneer have no discernible effect on the sound.
  • We sometimes make changes to the design of our harp models that are purely visual and do not affect the sound. We try to keep the photos on the harp model pages up to date, but be aware that the videos may not show the most current version.
  • We do not yet have a studio recording of our newest harp, the Serrana 34, so in the meantime we've included a video of an impromptu live demonstration by Edmar Castaneda.