Universal Wrench




This extremely useful wrench has an easily adjustable tip that will fit any size harp tuning pin. Pedal harps, lever harps, even antique harps can all be tuned with the same wrench, making it the ultimate tool for harpists with multiple instruments or for teachers whose students frequently forget to bring their wrenches to lessons! And if you've lost a tuning key and can't find a new one that's the right size, the Universal Wrench will work for you. No more rounding over the pins with tuning keys that don't quite fit or chewing them up with socket wrenches or pliers! Using the same ergonomic handle (made of bubinga) as our custom harp wrench, the Universal Wrench is comfortable in the hand and works like a charm.

Adjustable range: .160" (4mm) to .220" (5.6mm)

Note: This wrench is meant for standard harp pins, which go all the way through the neck of the harp and stick out on both sides. Some harps (Harpsicles, for example) use zither pins instead, which only stick out on one side of the neck. Because these pins are a different shape, the Universal Wrench will not fit well and will eventually chew up the pins. However, our hammered dulcimer tuning wrenches will work!