Standard Tuning Wrench

Standard t-shaped harp tuning wrench with wooden handle




Our standard harp wrench has a hardwood handle and a steel shaft that fits all Dusty Strings harps. We make all of our tuning wrenches with an eight-point star tip (rather than a square tip), which allows you to seat the wrench on the square end of the tuning pin in less than one-eighth of a turn and makes the process just a little faster and easier. We've engineered the tip to be .004" larger than the pin, just enough to seat easily but tight enough to prevent tuning pin wear.  The standard wrench is included with models Ravenna 26, Ravenna 34, Serrana 34, Allegro 26 and Crescendo 34.

Note: Our standard and custom tuning wrenches are sized for Dusty Strings harps, and generally do not fit harps by other makers. However, the Universal Wrench is adjustable, and we also have a model of Duo-Tune that will fit non-Dusty Strings harps.