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Flatstander Brackets Only

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The Tristander and Flatstander are the most versatile support options we know of for hammered dulcimers. With three telescoping black aluminum legs (adjustable in length from 15" to 47") that thread into brackets that can be attached to the back of any hammered dulcimer, you can adapt to almost any playing situation and know that your dulcimer will have a secure stance, even on non-level surfaces. There are stories of creatively setting up half-on, half-off of a too-small stage, playing on an uneven hillside at an outdoor wedding, and even fitting around a crowded campfire with one leg up on a log and two legs down in the sand.

The Tristander brackets are cast aluminum, and project about 1.75" from the back of the instrument. (Your Dusty dulcimer will still fit in its soft case with brackets attached!) The Tristander offers a wide range of stable playing angles, and has been highly popular for many years.

More recently, some dulcimer players have begun playing with their instrument parallel to the floor, usually because they've found it to be more comfortable, or because they want the audience to be able to see what's going on. The Tristander brackets don't allow the dulcimer to be set at a very shallow angle without severely compromising the stability of the legs, so we've developed the Flatstander to address that need. The Flatstander brackets support a range of flat or nearly-flat angles (the diagram above shows the range), but will not allow a steeper angle without becoming unstable.

To make the decision as risk-free as possible, the legs are the same between the two systems, and the brackets have the same screw positions. It is not difficult to switch between Tristander brackets and Flatstander brackets, which is why we also sell the brackets on their own, without the legs.

The whole system weighs about 3 pounds, and comes with screws and easy mounting instructions for attaching to any dulcimer. We can also install the Tristander or Flatstander for you as part of a new instrument order. Dusty Strings cases have interior compartments where the collapsed legs will fit.

Click here to watch a quick demonstration of attaching the legs.


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