Anti-Aging Kit




The amazing Anti-Aging Kit is an easy (and addictive!) way to take years off the appearance of your instrument. No woodworking or wood finishing experience necessary! Simply rub the "magic oils" from the Tibet Almond Stick into a scratch or mar on the finish of your instrument (or furniture, or wood floors...) and wipe off the residue with the included cloth. This product will not actually fill dents or dings, but it will drastically reduce their visibility, restoring your instrument to its former youthful appearance. The washable cloth is handy for wiping away finger prints and dust, and the brush can help you dust hard-to-reach areas underneath strings and around hardware components like sharping levers and tuning pins.

We don't recommend the Anti-Aging Kit for harps with black or colored finish. While Tibet Almond Stick works really well on clear lacquer, the results are not as impressive on lacquer with pigment in it, and we don't want to set you up for disappointment!

Note: We generally don't recommend using oils or polishes on Dusty Strings instruments because some of these products interfere with the lacquer, making it difficult to do future repair work on the instrument. However, we have done our own tests with the Tibet Almond Stick and found no problems, so we are confident that the Anti-Aging Kit is safe to use.


  • Tibet Almond Stick
  • Wiping Cloth
  • Dusting Brush
  • Nylon Zipper Pouch
  • Instructions


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