Stand for Ravenna 34, Serrana 34 & Boulevard 34




While there are some harpists for whom our 34-string harps are a comfortable height on the floor, most people prefer to play with the harp raised up a few inches. For that purpose, we offer a four-legged stand with a choice of legs to match your ideal playing height. The stand fits the Ravenna 34, Serrana 34, and Boulevard 34. It is included in the Boulevard package and a separate accessory for the other harps.

The stand consists of a base and four legs, lacquered black. The legs screw into the stand base, then the harp is set on top of the stand and anchored with the spin of a knob. When disassembled, the stand and legs fit easily into a tote bag or into special compartments in the pocket of our CD34 case.

The most popular leg height is 5 inches, but we also offer 8-inch and 12-inch options. All of the legs are interchangeable so you can tailor the stand to fit your needs, or even keep multiple leg sets on hand for different situations. Additional sets of legs can be ordered here.

This stand is compatible with the Ravenna drop-down leg and with the Serrana extendable legs. When the legs are retracted, they do not interfere with the stand.