Stand for Ravenna 26




For a small child, the Ravenna 26 might be the perfect height without any legs, but most other players will probably want to raise it up off the floor. We make a sturdy, removable four-legged stand for this purpose.

The stand consists of a base and four legs, lacquered black to match the harp. The legs screw into the stand base, then the harp is set on top of the stand and anchored with the spin of a knob. When disassembled, the stand and legs fit easily into a tote bag or into special compartments in the pocket of our CD26 case.

The most popular leg height for adults is 12 inches for the Ravenna 26 stand, but we also offer 8-inch and 5-inch options. All of the legs are interchangeable so you can tailor the stand to fit your needs, or even keep multiple leg sets on hand for different situations. Additional sets of legs can be ordered here.

The stand is compatible with harps that already have a drop-down leg installed.