Legs for FH26


Please call to order


Sets of four beautifully shaped, precision-crafted legs are available in solid sapele, walnut, maple, figured cherry and bubinga. Using the included driver, the legs thread smoothly into the fittings set in the harp's base and raise the harp about 11½ inches to a playing height that is comfortable for most seated players. The legs can be stored in protective sleeves in the pocket of the CD26 case.

We began including the leg set with new harps in 2012. Leg sets may also be ordered separately, but we do not usually keep them in stock, so please give us a call to order and be prepared to wait a few weeks.

Please note that if you have an older FH26 that has two horizontal feet instead of a flat base, these legs will not work outright. However, we can talk to you about an easy modification to your harp that will allow it to accept legs.