Lever Caps

Red, blue and black vinyl caps cover the ends of Loveland sharping levers




Custom made in red, blue and black, these small vinyl caps are designed to press over the ends of Loveland lever handles. The red and blue caps clearly mark your C and F strings and provide a strong visual reference that can be a real help in low-light situations. The black caps cover the rest of the levers for a consistent look and soft, grippy feel.

For harps with newer-style Loveland levers (you can tell because the red and blue dots are oblong on the new style vs. round on the old style), the lever caps are a very tight fit. It is possible to get them on, but be prepared for a bit of a struggle! You will likely need to warm up the caps until they are almost too hot to touch, which can be done by placing them under a hot lightbulb or microwaving them in a cup of water. This will make them more pliable. It also helps to moisten the inside so they slide on more easily.

Each package contains 33 black, 8 red and 8 blue caps - enough for a 40-string harp plus a few extras.

Note: These lever caps do not fit well on Camac levers because the handles vary in size.


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  • Anita
    Mar 29, 2021
    These lever caps are super easy to see and feel nice, too. Installing them is a bit of a challenge. What worked for me was to grasp each cap with a small instrument (such as tweezers or needle-nose pliers without teeth) and then heat the lever with a hair dryer on HIGH. When the cap is so hot you can hardly touch it, it will be very pliable and slip easily onto the lever. If you have a helper, one could install a cap while the helper heated the next one. If you don't have a helper, it still works great but just takes a little longer. Enjoy your lever caps!

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