Every musician has at some point known the frustration of stiff, cold fingers that just won't warm up to their usual dexterity. We've all wished there were some way to wear mittens and still hold a bow, pluck harp strings, or play the flute. Let us introduce you to wristies, the soft, fuzzy and fashionable answer to keeping your hands flexible and warm while you play!

The cozy polar fleece tube with thumb hole keeps your hands and wrists toasty while allowing your fingers their full freedom of movement. Not just for harp or dulcimer players, wristies are an ideal tool for any musician, whether you are warming up for a performance, practicing in a cold space, or simply enjoying the increased nimbleness of warm fingers. Many musicians use them as a preventive measure against the types of injuries that can more likely occur when muscles are cold.

In addition to enhancing your music-playing experience, wristies have multiple other applications! They are great for any outdoor activity where gloves are too bulky, and they are perfect as a liner to bridge that chilly gap between mitten and coat sleeve. Some of us at Dusty have found them quite useful while typing on cold days in the office or winding harp strings in a breezy part of the shop.

We offer two different sizes and an assortment of colors, all tastefully adorned with the Dusty Strings logo on one hand. Unless you have particularly large hands or prefer a loose fit, we'd recommend the small size. The price is for a pair of wristies.


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