Harp Cases

Not sure which case is meant to go with your Dusty Strings harp? Just look at the numbers! Dusty harps fit into the cases with numbers that correspond to their model numbers. For example, a Ravenna 26 will fit in a CE26 or CD26 case, and a Crescendo 34 will fit in a CD34 case.

Our soft cases have been designed specifically for Dusty Strings harps, and due to the many variations in harp design (shapes, sizes, angles), it is unlikely that one of our cases will fit a harp by another maker. You can compare your harp to the approximate dimensions on our harp model pages to see if you can find a likely match, but we would recommend contacting a custom case maker to get a better fit.

The flight case has been designed to fit a variety of non-Dusty harps as well as Dusty 34-string and smaller models.