Jack Clamp




The Jack Clamp is a clean and elegant solution for anyone who is thinking about installing a pickup but is reluctant to drill a permanent hole for the jack. This easy-to-use, repositionable clamp is designed to be used in conjunction with a pickup system such as the Dusty Harp Pickup, and provides a removable way to securely hold the pickup jack in the back of the harp. It accepts a standard 1/4" jack and is adjustable to fit a wide variety of lever and pedal harps. The lower soundhole is a suggested installation location, but your harp may have internal braces or other features that would accept the clamp as well. The rubber padding on the inside faces of the clamp will grip any surface and hold it firmly in place without harming the instrument. You can experiment to find the location that works best for you.

We designed the Jack Clamp to work with our Dusty Harp Pickup. If you would like to try it with a different brand of pickup, we'd recommend contacting us first so we can help you determine if your pickup jack is likely to be compatible. It's a little counterintuitive, but in order for a pickup jack to work with this Jack Clamp, it needs to be designed for internal installation. Many products marketed as harp pickups come with their own clips for mounting the jack without drilling a hole, and this setup is unlikely to be compatible with the Jack Clamp.

Note: The Jack Clamp alone will not amplify your harp. You will also need a pickup and an amplifier or speaker system to plug into.


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