6' Instrument Cable


14' Instrument Cable


6' Microphone Cable


15' Microphone Cable



To connect your Dusty Harp Pickup to an amplifier, you'll need an instrument cable. These cables are Hi-Z (high impedance) and have 1/4" plugs on the ends. The cables we sell have one straight end and one L-shaped end. If you are using a preamp as well, you'll need two instrument cables.

To plug into a PA system instead of an amplifier, you will likely need a direct-in box (DI box) and both an instrument cable and a microphone cable. Most PA systems do not have 1/4" input jacks, so you'd use an instrument cable to connect the pickup to the DI box and a microphone cable to connect the DI box to the PA. Microphone cables are Lo-Z (low impedance) and have XLR plugs on the ends.