C45 hammered dulcimer case is made of padded burgundy cordura and has a flat front pocket, handles, and shoulder strap




The C45 case fits the current D45, PD40 and Overture models, as well as our older D35 and D25 models. It's a close-fitting soft-shell case made of a protective thickness of foam sandwiched between a smooth inner lining and a tough outer covering of waterproofed cordura. Features include a zippered closure, inner compartment for playing leg or folding sit-down stand, large flat accessory pocket, carrying handles, and shoulder strap with pad. There also an extra hand-hold below the pocket for easier carrying when using the shoulder strap.


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  • Rob
    Feb 27, 2019
    I use the case a lot since I'm packing and unpacking my pd40 quite everyday. I also store my sit down stand inside of it. I carry the bag on my shoulders or by arm a lot, sometimes for more than 2 hours in total during the same day. When that happen i'm quite disappointed there's only 2 metal rings on the top of the case near the hand grips. Because the 2 metal rings are in diagonal to each other it's only comfortable to carry it on one side of my body, if I change shoulders the instrument is always bumping into my legs when I walk. If there would be 4 rings it would be super easy to actually change sides and then avoid some back pain when I move the instrument by foot... Actually 2 metal rings near the additional hand grip at the bottom of the bag would be useful also, like that it could be possible to easily place the entire instrument in my back (like some sort of jetpack ^^). Could be really nice to be able to carry the instrument in different ways, and it's only 4 more rings to add... Personally I wouldn't mind that the cost add up to the price of the bag. Also more rings means a lot of different possibilities to fix or attach the instrument to something else like a carrier or something.

    On another topic, My zipper just broke so I'm quite unhappy about that but I can't tell if it's due to my misusing or because of the crafting... The zippers are certainly the most fragile and precious pieces of these bags. If you buy/have one consider taking extra care when opening/closing the bag.

    The big pocket on the side is nice you can easy store all the accessories you need for a basic acoustic playing. But be careful to not fill the pocket too much because it can put pressure on the instrument when items move and superpose inside the pocket. I personally only put a bunch of strings inside of the pocket and I've add a piece of foam inside the bag so the middle bridge is more protected.
    The fabric is nice!
    No more space, thx4read

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