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harp neck with sharping levers on the C and F strings
Ravenna 26 with C & F levers

Additional Sharping Levers

Available for Ravenna 26 and Ravenna 34. All other models come fully levered.

The Ravenna 26 is available in three standard lever configurations: no levers, C & F levers, or a full set of levers. The Ravenna 34 comes in two standard lever configurations: C, F & B or a full set. Extra levers can be added to a partial set as an option. Common additions are levers on B or G strings. Using Sharping Levers explains what can be accomplished with different lever configurations.

When a Ravenna is partially levered or has no levers, we drill and cap all the rest of the holes, making it relatively easy to add additional levers later. Most players have a local instrument technician do the installation, although many players have added extra levers themselves. If you want to add or regulate your own levers, make sure you have the proper tools; it makes it a lot easier. For those who wish to do it themselves, Dusty Strings offers an instructional booklet as well as the necessary tools. Tools are available as part of the complete Dusty Harp Tool Kit, or à la carte.


Each additional Loveland lever, if ordered on a new harp: $20.00

Loveland sharping levers à la carte: $12.00