Harp Models

The number in the model name refers to the number of strings on the harp. All Dusty Strings harps are made with the same high-quality hardware and are built to the same exacting standards. For more information on the differences between harp models, see our easy Harp Finder or detailed comparison chart or give us a call!

Ravenna & Boulevard

These are our most affordable harps, with the soundbox and soundboard made of laminated birch and the neck and pillar made of solid ash or beech. The Ravennas have our standard medium-tension nylon strings, while the Boulevard has higher tension gut strings, similar to a pedal harp.

Allegro & Crescendo

These are our mid-priced harps, with a laminated birch soundboard. The sides, back, neck and pillar are made of solid sapele. A set of four removable legs is included.

FH Series

Our top-of-the-line harps, the FH models are made of all solid wood and come in a choice of five different hardwoods. Legs and/or stand as well as a deluxe case are included.