Celtic harp, folk harp and lever harp are the terms most commonly used to describe the style of harp that we make. While the first two are certainly accurate descriptions, they can imply that these harps are meant for folk music alone, when in fact we have heard everything from the traditional Celtic repertoire to music from other folk traditions, classical, jazz, pop, original compositions and therapy music played on our harps. Calling them lever harps also helps to differentiate these from the larger pedal harps that you see played in orchestras. With a lever harp, key changes are made by flipping the sharping levers that are at the top of each string, whereas with a pedal harp, key changes are actuated by foot pedals - often a necessary function in orchestral playing. Because they are larger and have a more complicated mechanism, pedal harps tend to be a good deal heavier and more expensive than lever harps.

Featured Harp

FH36S in figured cherry with cherry blossom inlay

After years and years of offering our abalone Celtic knot as the main decorative option on our 36-string harps, we're starting to branch out. (Get it?) We created this wood-inlaid cherry blossom design for a customer in Japan, and we loved it so much that we decided to do it again! This rich-looking FH36S has the sound to match - five octaves of full, warm and lush tones, with a deep, powerful bass and clear (but not too punchy) treble. It is also incredibly responsive and can be played as delicately as the cherry branch that adorns it. Will it win your heart?

36 strings, includes a full set of Camac levers, cherry blossom inlay and a deluxe padded case. Contact us if you're interested or have questions. More details about the FH36S model here.

Price: $7370 SOLD (but ask us about building another one just like this!)