Harp Video & Audio

To the best of our ability, the audio tracks on these videos were recorded with the same microphone placement for all the harps. There were no effects or equalization added, or other manipulation of the sound.

All tracks except the Boulevard were played by Harper Tasche. The O'Carolan tune Fanny Po'er is played on all the 26-string harps. On the 34- and 36-string harps, Harper is playing Calon Lan, a Welsh hymn by John Hughes. Arrangements by Harper Tasche. The Boulevard is played by Marian Sussman, and the piece is Ground in F, by Henry Purcell.

Note: We sometimes make changes to our harp models that are purely visual and do not affect the sound. We try to keep the photos on the model pages up to date, but be aware that the videos may not show the most current version.

    Harp Audio Samples

    These are the same audio tracks that are used in the videos.