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Order Harp Strings Online

Click on your model of harp to order individual strings or a full string set for that harp. If you are unsure what model you have, you can find it on a sticker inside the lower sound hole of your harp. Please be sure about the model, as strings are not interchangeable and are not returnable if you order the wrong ones.

*Note: We changed the design of our FH36 in mid-1991, and the string lengths changed as well. If you think your harp might be around that age, be sure you check the model name that is written on the sticker inside the back of the harp. If it says "FH36" without an H, B or S at the end, it is the Pre-1992 style.


Non-Dusty Harps

Monofilament strings by diameter

If you have a harp by another maker, you can order our nylon monofilament strings if you know what color and diameter you need. It is unlikely that our wound strings will work on your harp, however. We make them specifically for each of our harp models, and unless they happen to be exactly the material, diameter and length that you need, they will not sound good on your harp, could interfere with the levers, and could potentially introduce more tension than your harp was designed to withstand.

If you are unable to reach the maker of your harp, we recommend contacting Robinson's Harp Shop. If they do not have string specifications for your harp on file, they can design a custom string set for you.