Boulevard 34 concert gut lever harp
Boulevard 34
Boulevard 34 back view
Boulevard 34
Boulevard 34 with removable stand
Removable Stand
Deluxe harp case
Included deluxe case

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Boulevard Classic 34

Laminated wood is another word for plywood, which is made of multiple thin layers of wood glued together to form a panel. In middle and lower priced instruments, plywood is often used because it saves time over working with solid wood. It is a strong and durable material and tends to be less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. When made well, plywood instruments sound quite nice, although a comparable instrument made of solid wood would typically have more resonance, clarity, depth and richness of tone. We use the highest grade of plywood available.

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  • 34 Strings, 4¾ octaves
  • Solid beech neck and pillar
  • Laminated birch soundboard, sides and back
  • Concert-tension gut strings
  • Removable stand
  • Full set of Loveland sharping levers
  • Deluxe case

The 34-string Boulevard was designed with classical players and students in mind, and is quite different in feel and sound from our other harps. The tone is warm and full and the higher-tension concert gut strings provide a shorter sustain than the “typical” Dusty Strings sound. This makes the Boulevard an ideal choice for classical repertoire and for players and students who want a feel similar to that of a pedal harp.

Based on our popular Ravenna 34, the Boulevard features the same innovative and affordable construction technique, the comfortable stave back body, and the easily removable stand. We designed it to be as lightweight and portable as possible in a full-range harp, without sacrificing the quality of the hardware or the construction. The package includes a full set of Loveland sharping levers, tuning wrench, stand and CD34 case.

The four-legged stand is quickly and easily removable without needing to turn the harp over, and comes apart to fit in the case pocket. It includes 5” legs, but 8” legs can be substituted if you prefer the harp to be situated higher up.

The case is made of durable, water-resistant cordura with thick foam padding, a convenient shoulder strap and a multitude of pockets for your stand, music, extra strings and other accessories.

Price: $2895 Includes CD34 case, stand with 5" legs and T-handle tuning wrench.

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The Dusty Harp Pickup installed

Price: $395


Drop-down leg for on-the-go playing

Price: $70



  • 34 strings
  • 4¾ octaves
  • Low: C, two octaves below middle C
  • High: A, 2¾ octaves above middle C

String composition

  • High treble range: nylon monofilament
  • Lower treble and mid-range: concert gut
  • Bass: steel core with metal wrap

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Sharping levers

  • Full set of Loveland levers


  • Soundboard: clear finished laminated Finland birch
  • Neck and pillar: solid beech with black lacquer finish
  • Soundbox: laminated Finland birch with black ash-grained vinyl veneer

More information on the woods we use


  • Height to top of soundboard: 38 inches
  • Maximum height: 49 inches (54 inches with stand)
  • Maximum soundboard width: 14 inches
  • Weight: approx. 24 lbs. including stand (case adds 7½ lbs.)

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"LOVE the harp! My previous harp was a 36-string floor lever harp with metal and nylon strings. Making the transition from nylon to gut was a good move for me. I like the shorter sustain, grip, higher tension, and sound of the gut strings. The compact size of the Boulevard was an added bonus too. Thanks for making such a harp!"

-K.K. (Michigan)

"I have to take the time here to shout the praises of the very new Boulevard, which was seriously impressive and had the same magic about it as the FH, despite being in the Ravenna price range."

-Mae McAllister (Cambridgeshire, UK)

"When I first touched the strings of the new Dusty Strings Boulevard at the Somerset Folk Harp Conference, my initial reaction was one of “oo, oh, ah….yes!” The sound is more "mellow" than the typical Dusty Strings sound and is closer to that of a pedal harp. What surprised me was how "easy" it was to play this harp. I don't feel like I have to work hard to get a decent tone out of it. It's really light on the shoulder - perhaps that's why it feels "easier" to play than my pedal harp. It has a shorter sustain than the other Dusty Strings - but that is characteristic of a higher tension instrument. The tone is very consistent from top to bottom. Even the bass wires sound mellow and not brassy. This harp will go anywhere an also-pedal harpist might travel – be it banquet, beach or bedside! Clearly, Dusty Strings did considerable research in developing this wonderful new model, which I highly recommend."

-Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher (Albany, NY)