Allegro 26 harp
Allegro 26 front view
Allegro 26 harp shown from the back
Allegro 26 back view
closeup of the shoulder of an Allegro 26 harp
Allegro 26 detail
closeup of the logo plate on an Allegro 26 harp
Dusty Strings logo plate
closeup of the legs on an Allegro 26 harp
Included 12" legs

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Allegro 26

Laminated wood is another word for plywood, which is made of multiple thin layers of wood glued together to form a panel. In middle and lower priced instruments, plywood is often used because it saves time over working with solid wood. It is a strong and durable material and tends to be less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. When made well, plywood instruments sound quite nice, although a comparable instrument made of solid wood would typically have more resonance, clarity, depth and richness of tone. We use the highest grade of plywood available.

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  • 26 strings, 3½ octaves
  • Solid sapele neck, sides & back
  • Laminated Finland birch soundboard
  • Full set of Loveland sharping levers

The 26-string Allegro is an ideal harp for any traveling harpist, beginner or teacher. Its 3½ octaves make it conveniently portable yet provide it with enough range and fullness of sound to please a fine-tuned ear. Combining solid wood sides and back with the simplicity of a laminate soundboard creates a clear and bright sound, blending the affordability of the Ravenna 26 with some of the solid wood tone and volume of the FH26.

Available fully levered with Loveland sharping levers, or with Camac levers as an option. A set of straight-tapered detachable legs (included) raises the harp about 11½ inches to a comfortable playing height. Sets of 5" or 8" legs are also available.

CE26 or CD26 case available separately.

Price: $1695 Includes set of four 12" legs and T-handle tuning wrench.

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Camac sharping levers

Price: $165


Gut strings

Price: $220


The Dusty Harp Pickup installed

Price: $375


  • 26 strings
  • 3½ octaves
  • Low: C, one octave below middle C
  • High: G, 2½ octaves above middle C

String composition

  • Treble and mid-range: nylon monofilament
  • Bass: nylon core with nylon wrap

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Levers: Full set of Loveland levers. Camac levers available.


  • Sides, back, neck and pillar: solid sapele
  • Soundboard: laminated Finland birch

More information on the woods we use


  • Maximum height without legs: 39½ inches
  • Maximum height with legs: 51 inches
  • Maximum soundboard width: 10 inches
  • Weight of harp and legs: approx. 14 lbs.

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